Community Center Zagora Morocco

- Helping community center in the Moroccan Desert to urgently raise funds for a quick matching grant from the regional government of zagora province -

My name is Barbara Vagliano and I am an artist based in New York City.  
In 2009 Peter Jones, a British ornithologist and I delivered nature education materials to AHTD (Association HAy Toumour du Development), a very active community center in the town of Zagora in the Moroccan desert. This project was also supported by New York Audubon´s For the Birds program.  A person affiliated with BirdLife International translated our field guide of desert birds into Moroccan Arabic.
I was so impressed with the successful positivity of AHTD that I helped them to set up a website where you can see all the activities they provide for their community in Zagora: ahtdzagora.org.  These activities include literacy for women, sewing of traditional crafts, diabetes diagnosis, sports, daycare and afterschool care.  The community center is led by Mbarek Bousekkine, a dynamic and impressive community leader. 
I am supporting this urgent campaign for them to raise $2500 in this coming week so that they will be eligible for a grant from the Initiative Nationale pour le Developpement Humain.  If they raise the full amount the regional organization will put in the equivalent of $5 for every $2 that they raise.  They have raised half the money they need but need your help to reach their goal.
This grant will provide AHTD with access to a much needed room where the children can have access to the internet and a room for the women to create  traditional handicrafts.  This will make a big difference to their lives and is one more step in the development of a  community center with a proven track record.  If you go on their website you will see that the Governor of the region is supporting them as well.

Please help me to help ADHT in this action for positive change.   The funds I receive on Indiegogo will go into my bank account and I will wire transfer them to Mbarek Bousekine in whom I have a lot of confidence.  In fact we will be returning to Zagora in April 2013 to convince Mbarek to apply for an Ashoka grant and to help him to find a permanent home for the community center.  That is why you will be receiving your perks in April 2013.

The conversion rate on the 14000  Moroccan Dirhams that they need was $2335 USD on October 13, 2012. Once Indiegogo has taken its commission this is the amount that will be available for them to reach their goal.

If AHTD does not get to their goal, the money will go for much-needed school supplies for the children. But with your help they will reach this goal for which they have raised half the funds.

Many thanks for your support.