Tobago's coral reefs are dying!

Our friend Salome has just started to seek funds for her research on coral reefs off Tobago – using a form of crowd funding. To kick-start her funding I am asking all my mates and buddies to log on to this site http://rkthb.co/11908 and check out the video and the project description and if you like it, to donate a small amount. Thanks in advance.

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    Started by Salome Buglass November 12th, 2012

    Have Tobago's Corals survived mass bleaching?

Losing these coral reef ecosystems also means the loss of a myriad of unique marine flora and fauna relying on these reefs as their habitat. Additionally, the destruction of Tobago’s coral reefs comes at a huge cost to the local people of Tobago, whose livelihoods are directly or indirectly related to these reefs.
For these reasons I am carrying out my research project on Tobago's coral reefs. I want to find out how these reefs are becoming impacted by past coral bleaching events and want to understand if and how they have recovered since. This is my Scifund Challege proposal and I hope that you can help my research by fuelling my project.
Here is some information about why, how and what I will be researching and why it is important: click  (thanks in advance for your interest and time).